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How to get a Free tarot reading online

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Finding a Free tarot reading online or a free psychic reading online can be hard sometimes but using our top tips you can find a reading! There are many places online you can find a free reading. many social media sites often have listing for free tarot reading online or psychics who do free readings.

Why do people do free tarot reading online or free medium/psychic sessions?

There are many people who choose to do free reading for many reason but some of the most popular reasons are:

To give back to the community

Since tarot reading or other psychic or medium practices are spiritual pursuits many people feel that it is an important part of their spiritual practice to give back to the community or give back spiritually.

Some choose never to charge for readings

some people choose due to religious or spiritual reasons not to charge for readings. this is very much a personal preference but when ever a reading is done it should be for the highest good and to help the people involved.

New readers choose to practice their skills

Some tarot readers who are new to reading tarot or have just started to do readings publicly will do it for free so they can practice their skills and become better readers. Don’t be afraid to get a reading from a new reader since it helps them become better readers but do understand that are new and just starting to read the tarot so they will not be as skilled as readers with practice but they often are less busy than readers who have done it for some time.

To demonstrate their skills

Skilled readers often will have some free sessions or free readings to help them show their talents to a wide audience so that they will choose to book a reading with them later. sort of like a free sample you might get at a ice cream parlour.

How to find a Free Tarot Reading Online?

Reddit free readings

Often Reddit groups such as r/ClairvoyantPsychic or r/TarotReading have listing where people offer to give free readings. make sure though that the reddit post has the sticker for free readings since often people charge for readings. these readings are often by text message. though it is advised to never give out your personal information on any site.

Facebook free tarot readings

often similar to reddit there are groups which people offer free readings via messages. Though often as well there are a lot of psychics, mediums and tarot readers who have pages and groups who have nights where they do free tarot readings online via live stream or free medium sessions via live streams.

YouTube free tarot readings

There are many online tarot readers who have tarot channels where you can watch free star sign tarot readings, pick a card readings or even free personal readings on live streams. Violetann Tarot a British Tarot Reader does free live stream sessions weekly on her YouTube channel where she does personal readings for people for free. Check out her channel here and make sure to subscribe to get notified when she goes live.

TikTok Tarot Readers

With the ability to now go live on TikTok many tarot readers have come to TikTok to do live tarot readings as well as using the quick format to do short tarot readings.

Instagram Tarot

Instagram tarot readers often share lovely pictures of their tarot spreads with their reading in the description boxes but many also do live streams and video readings too.

Twitter – Tarot Tweets

Even though they are sort many readers use tweets to share links to longer readings or tweet short readings or even include tarot videos into tweets.

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