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You may have seen the book of answers being used on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or another social network. You may be wondering what it is or how you can use it. check out our tips and alternatives.

What Is it The Book of Answers?

The book of answers is a form of divination book. it is a is a divination tool. Divinations tools help a person to use their psychic intuition. tools come in many different types such as pendulums, tarot cards or oracle cards. They are used to find guidance or insight or predictions.

The book of answers is used to gain a yes or no answer. So unlike the tarot its responses are limited. much like a magic 8 ball or prediction dice.

How use The Book of Answers?

You need to first pick a yes or no question and find a quite place free of distractions. unlike tarot it must be yes or no since the answers are limited. As concise of a question as you can. for example “Will they call tomorrow?”.

Focus on the question with your minds eye while holding the book and then when you feel ready either flick quickly through the pages or simply open the book to the page you feel drawn to. Then read the answer on the page. if it is not yet decided it may give a answer to ask later or if you are struggling to concentrate on your question. it may take you some time to concentrate on your question.

Some people do recorded versions of the book of answers too.

Other divination books to the The Book of Answers

Yes, there are a few divination books out there too which have different answers and some are refined to another style of reading.

Oracle Answer Book

The oracle book of answers is similar to a typical oracle deck but in book form. again it can be used to answer yes or no questions but also as a daily oracle book.

Zoltar Speak’s Book of Answers

Zoltar is a retro blast from the past. Similar to the old Zoltar machines but in book form. the predictions and answers are similar to how the old machine use to work when it dispensed predictions.

Yes or No: Psychic Fortune Teller Book 

This book is a lot more simpler than the rest. it only has clear Yes or No. So It cannot give as much insight or guidance as the rest. but if you want a clear and simple yes or not without going into detail then this book is for you.

Other Similar Divination Tools

Decision Maker Metal Ball

This orb can be spun on a table to get a yes or no answer. its small and compact and allows you to use it almost anywhere.

YES NO Decision Coin

Similar to flipping a normal coin but these kick it up a notch with amazing patterns and shapes!

Swinging Magnetic Decision Maker

These have also been popular on TikTok and YouTube. they are a pendulum which swings from a set point. it then uses magnets to keep it in place at the finial answer to make it easier to read.

Magic 8 Ball

This is a classic but a classic for a reason. The Magic 8 balls come in all shapes and styles now. but the classic always bring out a sense of nostalgia.

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